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I have been put in charge to redevelop a web application we use internally in our business.

The current application is out dated and old, because of changes in Oracle and features required.

What the application needs to do: provide as real-time order information as possible, data is coming from Oracle and users look at the final created pages to get their specific order information. Users can click on an order to get extra details, but most pages are overviews / summaries. I am the only one developing it currently, all other users can't change anything and will never can.

Our current application:

-about 250 unique users

-lots of page views as pages are automatically refreshed every minute and a lot of users keep the page open.

-puts the data from Oracle in a MySQL database with memory tables and refreshes the complete data everytime new data comes in (.csv file through FTP download)

-generates the final HTML pages every 2 minutes

-barely any images, so a separate content server would be useless ( i think )

-runs on Linux

The future application:

-as real-time/live as possible, I receive data from Oracle every couple of minutes that data from Oracle is order information and I receive the full new generated list from Oracle so every couple of minutes it's a complete refresh of data.

-live request from the database every request (so that it's real-time/live) (with as little caching of data as possible, other things like layout can be cached)



-if possible, I would like to use AJAX to refresh data (not a requirement though)

-easy to integrate, in terms of system administration: PHP for example is easy as Ubuntu has automatic LAMP installation. (not a requirement, but would make it easier)

So basically I'm looking for a programming language and a framework that can accomodate this performance and other points.

I am sometimes thinking about this application as a up-to-date flight book website or something similar.

Which language / framework do you suggest I look into / learn to build the new application?

I'm a programmer, system administrator (mostly Linux) and know a bit about databases (work mostly with MySQL)

The reason I'm not going to say which languages / frameworks I know is because your answer could be influenced.

I would like to know how you would do this from scratch.

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The answer will be entirely subjective, so not truly answerable. –  Oded Jan 3 '11 at 14:25
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1 Answer

Whatever you're more comfortable working in.

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thanks! which one would you prefer if you had to build it? –  Paintrick Jan 3 '11 at 14:46
I can't answer that because I'm not you. –  jonnii Jan 3 '11 at 16:48
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