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How do you handle your development process from the front-end to the back-end? Front-end first or back-end?

Also, if you are the back-end developer do you write ANY javascript for things like AJAX requests? I know everyone will have their own way and I'm sure a lot of you will say "whatever works best for you" - what I'm doing right now does not work and we are looking for ways to improve our process...

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You can use the agile development methodologies : Agile life cycle it can be helpful for slicing and planning some projects.

For an example :

1- The team should meet a select the items with the high priority (Back end & front end) to start with.

2- Create a full business work flow for an example registration work flow:

  • User register (front end)
  • System administrator can view all the users (Back end)
  • System administrator can activate any user (Back end)
  • User can log in (front end)

3- The work can be in parallel , but , the back end /front end team need first to define input and output they need to make integration easier.

4- In the previous step you can define or decide upon who will write any required scripts and how you will handle the callbacks and any other required details.

Hope it helps..

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