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I have a table with 3 columns (A,B,C). I want to select some rows from the table and then the MySQL to return a single row having the values added on each column...

   A B C
1. 2 2 2
2. 4 4 4
3. 6 6 6

MySql should return in this case, if I select all the three rows:

   A   B  C
1. 12  12 12
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 select sum(A),sum(B),sum(C) from mytable where id in (1,2,3);
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  sum(a) as atotal,
  sum(b) as btotal,
  sum(c) as ctotal
  yourtable t
  t.id <= 3 /* or whatever condition you like */
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Try this:

select sum(a), sum(b), sum(c)
from your_table
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