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I have created some extended UI controls based on the default android widgets (Button, ProgressBar). At some point, in the custom control, I want to communicate with the view that contains the custom control. For example, I want to pass the current value of the ProgressBar or a value from the Button. What is the best approach? Is it possible to create a custom event (like the "onClick") and then have in the container class an handler? Or there is some better approach? Thank you in advance! ;)

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You can use View.getParent() - it gets the parent of this view and then call smth on it. However, the question sounds a bit strange for me.. –  Arhimed Jan 3 '11 at 16:43

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If the "some point" is when an event happens (like when you press the button) you can create an event listener interface.

Inside a custom view of mine I put this:

    private OnFlingListener flingListener;

    // my event listener interface
    public interface OnFlingListener {
        public abstract boolean onFling(View v, int direction);

    public void setOnFlingListener(OnFlingListener l) {
        flingListener = l;

    // ........my custom view code.......

    // event handling now
    private void flingRight() {
        if(flingListener != null) {
            if(flingListener.onFling(this, FLING_TO_RIGHT))
        } else {

this way I can implement OnFlingListener as I would do with OnClickListener.


my onFling returns a boolean because I wanted to decide in there if to accept or cancel the event (see flingRight()). It could also return void.

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