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Is there an API that I just can't find under system.webserver for the rewrite section, or perhaps under Microsoft.Web.Administration with a strongly typed Rewrite class? I'd rather not have to write that class by hand, since I assume it's already there somewhere for use by IIS.

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Because the URL Rewrite module is an IIS extension there aren't "strongly typed" classes built into the Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace to do this. i.e. there isn't a class called Microsoft.Web.Administration.UrlRewrite.

However, you can work with the built-in ConfigurationSection, ConfigurationElementCollection and ConfigurationElement classes to manipulate the <rewrite> section of your web.config.

One of the IIS Program Managers has a blog entry about programmatically configuring the URL Rewrite Module:

Scripting URL rewrite module configuration

That should get you started.

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looks interesting, and gives more solid evidence that I need to weigh the options of using those options or creating a custom class with the objects I need / want. – CodeMonkey1313 Jan 4 '11 at 3:42
@MasterMax, yes unfortunately direct consumption or a wrapper class are your only way forward. Many of the IIS extensions are like this, FTP for example. – Kev Jan 6 '11 at 17:34

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