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I have a windows service with embedded Quartz.Net but can't seem to find a way to create a reference to an instantiated object within a Quartz.Net job...

When the windows service is started it instantiates some objects for logging, database access and other purposes so I'd like my Quartz.Net jobs to use these already instantiated objects instead of creating its own instances of these objects. However, Quartz.Net jobs are instantiated by the scheduler using the no-argument constructor and hence there is no way to pass a reference using the constructor.

Do I have to create my own implementation of the JobFactory and is that the only way to achieve this?

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Different context (Linux/JAVA), but create your own Factory that inherits from the Quartz one. Override the method "createScheduler". Call the super method, save instance in a static (synchronized) hash map. Write static method to get instance by name.

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You can add key-value pairs of objects in jobDetail.JobDataMap and retrieve them from(JobExecutionContext) context.JobDetail.JobDataMap.

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the Quartz website says "Only Store Primitive Data Types (including Strings) In the JobDataMap" - quartz-scheduler.org/documentation/best-practices –  TruthOf42 Feb 26 '14 at 16:25

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