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Is there a way to get fully qualified domain name of user groups membership? I am using windows identiy and then .Groups to find out the group membership.

The reason of this is we have 2 companies recently merged together and both have the same domain name in europe. E.G. europe.companyA.com and europe.companyb.com

group.Translate give me domain\groupA, domain\groupB but i am looking for europe.companyA.com\GroupA, europe.companyB.com\GroupB,

 foreach (IdentityReference group in WinIdentity.Groups)
            Console.WriteLine("Membership of " + group.Translate(typeof(System.Security.Principal.NTAccount)).ToString() + " group.");

I am fully aware of getting this info by using DirectoryServices namespace and querying AD but i am trying not to go down that path as i have all the info (user group membership except FQDN for group) and it will involves changes in AD, enable delegation etc.....


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