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Trying to install Subversive and am choking on the concept of Subversive Connectors, and how to install them.

(1) What are Subversive Connectors? My only guess is that they help tie the Subversive plug-in to the local instance of svn. Yes? No?!?!

(2) I found an article explaining the difference between JavaHL and SVN Kit connectors (although it didn't explain what either of them were, or what they did!), and it looks like I want SVN Kit 1.3.2 for a number of reasons. But when I try to install them from the Subversive Connector Discovery dialog, it gives me an error, tells me to check an ambiguous "error log" (Eclipse error log, SVN error log, Subversive error log, ?!?!) and refuses to install it. I came across an article stating that this was a defect from a December 2009 release, but that it had been fixed. What is going on here? I am using Helios on 64-bit Ubuntu, anybody else ever have this problem? Any suggestions for how to fix or circumvent?

(3) It looks like the Subversive Connector Discovery dialog is configured to launch the first time you try to open Subversive from inside Eclipse (after installing and restarting). But since I wasn't able to install SVNKit 1.3.2, I canceled that dialog, closed Eclipse and walked away for a day. Now, I can't seem to get it to launch, and it has next to no online documentation that is helping me. Anybody know how to launch this dialog second and subsequent times?

Thanks to anyone who can provide even the tiniest of help. I will wash the gutters, mow the lawn and perform a full spring cleanup for anyone who can answer these!!!

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I'm very surprised that a such a major IDE as Eclipse, and such a reputable VCS as Subversion, would have a plug-in between each other that was so poorly documented... if anyone knows of a good (thorough!) Subversive tutorial, don't hold back!!! –  Zac Jan 3 '11 at 17:59
My suggestion is to use subclipse, in wich merging is a lot easyer, since interactive merge is present. Try it. –  Gábor Lipták Jan 3 '11 at 20:26
+1 for Subclipse. Also, it is easier to setup. It seems almost weekly that I see people with questions on how to install Subversive correctly, whereas Subclipse does the same things and "just works". –  Joshua McKinnon Jan 3 '11 at 20:34

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Usually this works out pretty well, you install Subversive, and if you havn't installed a Connector, you get the dialog when Subversive needs it.

What's going on is a sad bug in the latest Eclipse/Subversive version.

Here's what worked for me.

Uninstall anything subversive related that you've installed.(Help->About Installation Details)

Go to http://www.eclipse.org/subversive/downloads.php#early_access . Download the zip file, currently this one.

Install that file you downloaded (Help->Install New Software , hit the Add button, chose Archive). A restart later, you'll be asked for an SVN connector, choose SVNKit with the biggest version number, you should be good to go.

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Thanks nos! I'll give it a try after work today. What's the deal with this bug? Kind of major, don't you think!?! –  Zac Jan 3 '11 at 18:51
Yes, I can't find the bugzilla report again now, but it's basically not going to be fixed until another release. –  nos Jan 4 '11 at 19:57

I prefer subclipse, here's the link to the install instructions:


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In regards to part 3. You can install the connectors directly from Polarion's update site. From what I understand, this is what the Subversive Connector Discovery does under the covers. The links to their update site are found here and look something like http://community.polarion.com/projects/subversive/download/eclipse/4.0/luna-site/. In Eclipse, click Help->Install New Software and paste the link into the "Work With" box. That should give you the list of connectors you can install.

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