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My class uses an image as Property (public Image myImage). When this class is serialized (XamlWriter) it works fine, reading it back gives an exception:

'No matching constructor found on type 'System.Drawing.Bitmap'. You can use the Arguments or FactoryMethod directives to construct this type.' Line number '5' and line position '8'.

Obviously there is a constructor missing for Bitmap with ColorPalette as argument:

    <sdi:ColorPalette /> 

I understand that I can specify a factory method creating the bitmap somehow. I also found some articles about directives for this such as http://www.wpftutorial.net/XAML2009.html

However, I am not an expert in Xaml and do not understand how and where to define / declare the method on my attribute. Unfortunately i do also not find an example for this.

I expect some like

public Image myImage ....

but actually have found nothing. Any idea / example you know?

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Same problem i too have. If i found solution i will tell you. –  Code0987 Jan 29 '11 at 13:00

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