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Has anyone experience with using the g-wan Web server? Is it any good? Are there any significant Web sites using it?

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At least there is http://gwan.ch/ which hosted the site since June 2009 - the day of the first public release of G-WAN.

A few notable points:

  • 200 KB (ANSI C script engine included)
  • massive speed and scalability (C, .Net, Java and PHP benchmarks)
  • can re-use any system/third-party library with just a '#pragma link'
  • features rich (email, charts, JSON, crypto, compression, etc.)
  • no vulnerability found since then despite constant attacks of the site.

They also turn synchronous libc_call/sys_calls into asynchronous calls transparently both for C scripts and static or shared libraries linked with C scripts.

This last feature makes existing (old style synchronous code) network libraries fly and makes it incredibly easy to write G-WAN scripts (either handlers or servlets).

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It seems that many others are going to take the plunge.

This test made in 2011 in a university lab compared G-WAN to "HTTP accelerators" like Varnish (the well-known hero) and "Apache Traffic Server" (the proxy cache used by Yahoo!):


And G-WAN was much faster (and used less CPU resources) than both "HTTP accelerators".

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