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I'm building a Ruby on Rails app where people are clicking on addresses. When they click, I want to display a small google map of the address in a frame (I want to use a frame/iframe so when they scroll down to look at more addresses, the little map won't scroll off too.) I'm having a hard time finding examples or discussions of this. I was thinking of hacking up the layout with raw FRAMESET tags, but that seems kind of barbaric. What is the best way to use frames or iframes within a Rails app?

BTW, we're using Haml for our templating, if it matters.

Thanks in advance! -Jason

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you could try the Greybox jQuery plugin.

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Greybox looks like it's modal- I need a solution that will allow interaction in different panes concurrently. Appreciate the suggestion though. – Jason F Jan 20 '09 at 1:31

You can anchor an iframe to the side of your page (or bottom or whatever) using CSS (position: fixed). If you do that, be sure to take into consideration overlapping issues. This is easily resolved with a margin for body.

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