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I'm currently working on a maven java web application project that I'm required to extend to add extra functionality but without changing the original code base. So the web application should forward the new requests to another jar that will handle them. The problem is that we need the jar to be pluggable so that we can replace it or add more jar as more plugins to the project without having to change the original code base including not changing the maven pom.xml file for each new jar ( plugin ) so I cannot hard code the dependency on this jar in the pom file

So is there is a way in setting the maven profile while packaging my project to instruct maven to which plugins to pick up?

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Wouldn't you want ability to plugin jars at runtime (not just at build-time)? I would recommend a system where you build your web app separately. Then you build plugin jars as separate projects. At runtime, defined a folder on the file system where you will look for plugin jars then construct UrlClassLoader instance to access classes in those jars.

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