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Is there are any way to convert boolean type into "ON"/"OFF" using string formatter


Dim inpValue as Boolean
Dim outValue = String.Format("0:ON;OFF", inpValue)
' should show OFF as output

Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention that I cannot use code or IFormatProvider

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What is wrong with:

Dim inpValue as Boolean
Dim outValue = If(inpValue, "ON", "OFF")
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Nothing of course. +1 for a voice of reason. –  Hans Passant Jan 4 '11 at 1:38
+1 for simplicity –  Richard Everett Jan 4 '11 at 10:46

There isn't any built-in support that I am aware of. However, depending on how much control you have, you can create your own format provider (IFormatProvider). Here is a link to a discussion on this: bool format provider.

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Here's a crazy trick from another question but it's completely unreadable. I strongly advise you not to do this! If you are of nervous disposition, stop reading now.

String.Format("{0:ON;ON;OFF}", CDbl(inpValue)) 

This converts the Boolean to -1 or 0 and then uses a custom numeric format.

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You can't do this using String.Format (without implementing IFormatProvider which seems like a overkill for your purposes), but you can do it in one line using IIf:

IIf(inpValue, outValue=True, outValue=False)

Personally, I recommend using an If/Else statement instead of IIf, as IIf is not intuitive for some programmers coming from other languages.

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c# - not the most elegant but effective:

string outValue = inpValue.ToString().Replace("False", "OFF").Replace("True", "ON");

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My eyes are bleeding! String manipulation is a very poor implementation of logic. –  Greg Sansom Jan 3 '11 at 22:51
No doubt (as I admitted). Sorry about your eyes! –  nycdan Jan 3 '11 at 23:05
The C# equivalent of VB's IIf: var outValue = inpValue ? "ON" : "OFF"; –  Roger Lipscombe May 4 '12 at 17:52

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