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I can search word in vim with /word. How can I search only for word, excluding searches for word1 and word2?

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like this:


\< means beginning of a word, and \> means the end of a word,

Adding @Roe's comment:
VIM provides a shortcut for this. If you already have word on screen and you want to find other instances of it, you can put the cursor on the word and press '*' to search forward in the file or '#' to search backwards.

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beaten by 19 seconds :) +1 – falstro Jan 19 '09 at 19:52
placing your cursor over a word and pressing * (forward) or # (backward) is a shortcut – falstro Jan 19 '09 at 19:53
yes, I tried to be fast :) – Nathan Fellman Jan 19 '09 at 19:53

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