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I can't seem to find a way to do a simple popup to an external site without adding other .js files.

I have this function so far:

function open() {
    $('#open').html('<img src="/images/ajax-loader.gif" width="150" height="19"/></p>');
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You can use the standard window.open() function from the window object. It will open a new window.

$('#open').html('<img src="/images/ajax-loader.gif" width="150" height="19"/></p>');
var win = window.open("URL GOES HERE");
    alert("popup blocked")
return false;

If the browser has popup blocker enabled then you have to check for that and give an alert for the user.

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Just use standard javascript:

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You use a standard javascript window open:

    .html('<img src="/images/ajax-loader.gif" width="150" height="19"/></p>')
        window.open("URL GOES HERE");
        return false;
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