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I'm wondering how I can use callbacks to assign values to the database fields, which are processed out of a virtual attribute field.Example:

  field :houseno, :type => String
  field :street, :type => String

  attr_accessor :address

My attempt at this seems to be unsuccessful. Here is what I have:

  before_validation :assign_fields

  def assign_fields
    if @address
      @houseno = @address.match(/^(\d+-?(\d+)?)\W*(.*)/)[1]
      @street = @address.match(/^(\d+-?(\d+)?)\W*(.*)/)[3]

And I keep getting this error:

undefined method `houseno' for Building:0x0000010488f108

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Have you tried:

write_attribute(:houseno) = @address.match(/^(\d+-?(\d+)?)\W*(.*)/)[1]


self.houseno = @address.match(/^(\d+-?(\d+)?)\W*(.*)/)[1]

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I didn't try the first one, but the second method worked. Thanks. – picardo Jan 4 '11 at 3:23

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