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I'm using a Python file with the following modeline at the end:

# vim: sts=4:ts=4:sw=4

If I start Vim with this file the modeline is ignored. How can I fix this? And BTW, I have nocompatible set in my .vimrc.

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I tracked the problem to a local plugin, called local_vimrc.vim. The fact that modeline does not work is a side-effect of the plugin.

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How did you track the problem? Is there a way to find out what's stopping this? An error log or such? –  artfulrobot Jun 27 '12 at 13:18
You can run vim -u NONE to start vim without loading the vimrc (no bundles or plugins). If the file loads properly, then you know it's either your vimrc or your bundles. you can re-add bundles one by one until the modeline breaks to track down which bundle caused the issue. –  stonewareslord Nov 12 at 23:48

I had a similar issue with my modeline not working. The answers in this thread helped me find my answer (which was adding set modeline to my ~/.vimrc)


Also one thing that helped me debug this was to type :set in vim. This will tell you the different values that are currently set.

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Make sure you have both set modeline and set modelines=N. –  Cuadue May 8 at 16:55

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