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table a

id title
1   aaa 
2   ccc

table b

id title categories
1   123     24
2   222     5
3   333     6

How to join table a and table b like this:

id title categories
1    aaa    
2   ccc
1   123   24
2    222   5
3   333   6

Thanks a lot.

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3 Answers

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select id, title, null as categories from a 
union all
select id, title, categories from b
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You can use UNION ALL as:

SELECT id,title,'' AS categories FROM a
SELECT id,title,categories FROM b

Since UNION ALL expects the two result sets to have same number of fields I've added field named categories in the first query whose values is always empty string.

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You can use UNION to combine the data from the two tables such as:

Select id, title, "" as categories from tableA
Select id, title, categories from tableB

In the first select query, empty string is provided as categories for column matching. UNION requires identical columns in both select queries. Also UNION ALL lists out the duplicates as well.

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