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I have a Html Response for my application that I need to parse ultimately. Is there any way to perform the Html Parsing in android application. I have searched net a lot but couldn't found anything I was looking for.

Can anyone have a clue to do the same?

Thanks, david

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Why do you want to parse a HTML file? –  Chromium Jan 4 '11 at 6:00
please refer this link: anddev.org/html_parsing_in_android_how-t10749.html –  UVM Jan 4 '11 at 6:01
@Chromium - because the response for the links that I am getting from the server is in the Html form. And I need only some specific data to get displayed in my application. –  David Brown Jan 4 '11 at 6:21

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david do check HTML class

Html.fromHtml("<a href=http://saurabh-nigam.blogspot.com/>myblogt</a>")

And also this post 'html parsers for android' links some parsers

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We are using both jericho and htmlcleaner in our project. We have made some changes (big and small) to htmlcleaner. And we have added better error handling to jericho.

Our Jericho and htmlcleaner versions are available on github.

(In answer to why we forked: we needed some fixes that the original developers were unwilling or unavailable to incorporate into their version. This was not a willing fork. )

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