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I am trying to create 2 Dimensional motion in my Flex application. I have an animation region defined on my screen (75% of my total screen width) where I need to display this motion.

I am achieving this by the following code given below

var sx:SimpleMotionPath = new SimpleMotionPath();

sx.property = "x";

sx.valueBy = 789; // value is a variable can be any no

var sy:SimpleMotionPath = new SimpleMotionPath();
sy.property = "y";
sy.valueBy = -201 ; // value is a variable can be any no

var v:Vector.<MotionPath> = new Vector.<MotionPath>();



var animateBoat:Animate = new Animate();

animateBoat.motionPaths = v;


I am facing an issue, when values of variables sx and sy are such that the object goes out of bounds of the area defined for screen animation.

Is there a way to define an end point for Motion Paths vector, such that the object stops animation when it reaches the end point?

Any suggestions/ideas would help.

Regards, Aparna

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