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Is there any way to specify the 'retry' count in Spring - DBCP connection pooling?

If the connection is not obtained for the first time, I want to try it atleast 3 times.

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One of the approach

write an spring aop aspect which will catch such transient DB related exceptions and retry for pre-configured number of times. Apply this aspect on methods.

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If you only want to catch connection failures, you should catch DataAccessResourceFailureException. Catching all exceptions means you would retry failed SQL too. Depends on what the OP needs. –  AngerClown Jan 4 '11 at 14:19

BasicDataSource has a handful of methods that are protected and exist so subclasses can make their own implementation changes. One of these methods is createConnectionFactory() which creates a simple object to do the underlying connection to the driver. You can override that to point to your own connection retry logic.

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