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If I have two pieces of character data, what is the best way to compare them (test for equality with ==)? That is, which type is best for this comparison? A const char*, a string?

Thanks very much

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If your goal is simply to compare strings for equality then it doesn't really matter whether you use null-terminated strings or some string container like std::string.

You can use std::strcmp to compare two null-terminated strings just as easily as you can use operator== to compare two std::string objects. The overloaded operator does make code cleaner and easier to read in most cases.

Of course, since you're programming in C++, you should be using std::string or some other string container and not manipulating raw null-terminated data, wherever possible.

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+1 for the last sentence, especially for "wherever possible". –  the_drow Jan 4 '11 at 6:44

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