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I used the navigation controller as a menu list, and click one of the cell can go into the page which I composed of UIScrollView + UIPage Control + UIImageView + UIButton. The function I expect is to click the button in the middle then play the video file. But, the horizontal flicking page function will not work once I click “Done” with movie player.

But if I click the upper-left navigation item to the menu list and go back to the page again by clicking one of the cell, then horizontal flicking page function will work again.

The other example I made which is the same thing with UIScrollView + UIPage Control + UIImageView + UIButton, but without navigation controller can function properly with the movie player code you provided.

What could be the possible reason causing this problem? If anyone knows please let me know, many thanks in advance.

I added CustomMoviePlayerViewController for the movie player function, the code is from http://iphonedevelopertips.com/video/getting-mpmovieplayercontroller-to-cooperate-with-ios4-3-2-ipad-and-earlier-versions-of-iphone-sdk.html#comment-36453

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