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What technologies do Google and Facebook use for their back-end and front-end?

What are their database technologies, and languages they use to process the back-end data.

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When you asked Google and Facebook, what did they say? WHy ask us? – S.Lott Jan 4 '11 at 11:22
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  • Where is Python used?

    • The Google build system is written in python. All of Google's corporate code is checked into a repository and the dependency and building of this code is managed by python. Greg mentioned that to create took about 100 lines of python code. But since it has so many dependencies, the build system generated a 3 megabyte makefile for it!
    • Packaging. Google has an internal packaging format like RPM. These packages are created using python.
    • Binary Data Pusher. This is the area where Alex Martelli is working, on optimizing pushing bits between thousands of servers
    • Production servers. All monitoring, restarting and data collection functionality is done with python
    • Reporting. Logs are analyzed and reports are generated using Python.
    • A few services including and google groups. Most other front ends are in C++ ( and Java (gmail). All web services are built on top of a highly optimizing http server wrapped with SWIG.
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obsolete link... – therealszaka Nov 8 '12 at 9:20

I can tell you that Facebook uses PHP as a frontend presentation layer and backend is mostly MySQL and (for message search) Cassandra.

Google uses BigTable for backend repository (I don't know if they use MySQL or other technologies).

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Google makes use of Map Reduce to process huge amount of data.Facebook uses an open source implementation of Map Reduce called Hadoop.

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Facebook uses HBase for its messaging infrastructure. Have attached the paper published by Facebook on how they used HBase and the optimizations they have done. Its a good read:

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Heard a rumor that Facebook uses Erlang for its messaging system:

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Google tree whales: Google File System, BigTable and MapReduce

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Since you are asking about both front-end and back-end, you maybe interested in the part inbetween: How they communicate between different systems.

For this Google and Facebook use Protocol Buffers and Thrift respectively.

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