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I have to develop a program which it can hook some functions in kernel32.dll, Advapi32.dll for example, i have to change the functionality of some functions such as RegOpenKey(). Due to the fact, i can not inject any code to the target process, because, when the target program is started, first, it invoke that function also i am forced to not inject any code to the target process. Also, i must change this function for every current running process and application ( 32 bit , Console app , Win app) and those will be ran at the future. I have read many many articles about DLL Injecting, DLL hooking but i have no idea how to overcome that. So please help me and share me your knowledge.

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what software you're trying to create ? global hooking is not something people would normally do. –  YeenFei Jan 4 '11 at 9:23

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The only option to intercept without injecting code is kernel-mode driver. Registry drivers are easy to implement from Vista+ but you would need to make some SSDT registry hooking. The SSDT doesn't work with the same code in XP and Vista/W7, and it doesn't work at all in x64 environment (hooking techniques are not allowed). So you have to make a kernel-mode filter driver hooking registry SSDT for XP and CmRegisterCallback for Vista and W7 (more info).

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Maybe you can look at Microsoft Detours.

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For your need, you should write a kernel driver that can hook the required calls for which, you want to change (or provide) extra functionality. For eg: if you hook write call, every program running on your machine (with a few probable exception, that I think you should not bother about), when ever calls for the write operation, your hooked function will be called with appropriate information about the calling process and some other info (generally referred as callback data). Then you can do/add what ever you are thinking of from your hooked function.

If you are using windows xp SP3 and above, you can for a filter driver as it is easy to learn and implement in comparison to the legacy windows driver. Although, filter drivers has limitations, but for your requirement, they will fit perfectly.

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For this your best bet is Hot-Patching, this is what MS use them selves to apply system-wide detours when functions have been patched through their update system.

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