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So, i have this string "Date: Mon Jan 03 2011 19:29:44 GMT+0200", and when i use DateTime.Parse(date).ToString(); i'm getting "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."

If i remove the '+0200' part it works ok, but ofcourse it doesn't show the correct local time. What's wrong with that?

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From the documentation, it seems that DateTime.Parse() only understands:

  • The GMT designator, used alone, e.g. Mon, Jan 03 2011 17:29:44 GMT, or

  • A time zone offset specified without the GMT designator, e.g. Mon, Jan 03 2011 19:29:44+02:00.

You might want to convert your date string to the second form.

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yeah, when i remove the GMT designator it works fine, thanks – user361633 Jan 4 '11 at 9:59

It just means that the time zone offset isn't an expected part of the default format strings.

If you know what format you're expecting, I suggest you call DateTime.ParseExact (or DateTime.TryParseExact), specifying the format(s) to try. Look at the documentation for custom date/time format strings for more details.

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no, i can't use ParseExact because the string varies – user361633 Jan 4 '11 at 10:01
@user361633: Don't forget you can provide multiple patterns - I'd expect you to know at least a range of expected formats. – Jon Skeet Jan 4 '11 at 10:08

You have two mistakes.

First - don`t use Parse method. More correct is TryParse. Second - you will have globalisation issues, when you use Parse or TryParse without arguments.

For example, see this code:

DateTime.Parse( "01.02.2011" ); In the USA it is 2nd of January. In the Germany it is 1st of February.

So, I recomment you to use formats from this article.

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