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I get quite an annoying problem when import image into flash (.png &.jpeg).
My image is a 72 dpi png file with sharpen effect , when i use [Import to stage], the image imported in the library get blurred( eye-realizable), but the image on the stage keep original quality(not blurred).I have try change library item properties ( lossless png..etc),import again but no thing different.
How can i make the library item have same quality as the image on the stage?
(when i drag library item to the stage it's still blur , except the image on the stage create by [import to stage], also tried with jpeg but nothing different)

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I've got the solution for this: when you import your image, choose import to stage(dont import to lib) the choose break apart/then convert to symbol,there you go, no more blurry image.

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This can be done pretty easily by right clicking/ctrl click(mac) on the image in your Library, into Properties. Then set 'Compression' to Lossless, making sure that 'Allow smoothing' is unchecked. It should then appear exactly as the image was rendered.

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