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I have builded an webcam application which works smoothly, it captures and saves an Image.

It has been build with AS3 and Flash.

I have just one problem.

If I open one IE istance it's fine.

If I open two IE istances it's fine.

If I open one/two IE istances and one FF/Chrome istance, it's fine on IE, but in the FF/Chrome I have a VOID webcam, I mean, I actually have a webcam, but I returns me NOTHING, like void screen, like it's being used by something else, but I can't track it.

Anyone have any issue?

Thanks, Luca

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I think Flash just blocks access to the Webcam completely, if someone wants to use a Webcam in more than one application, he has to use something like manycam.com. –  hangy Jan 4 '11 at 10:00
Ok, let's say I don't want to use that program. Is there any way to track that the webcam is being used by another resource? –  Luca Trazzi Jan 4 '11 at 10:34
It's the getCamera() call. If there's a camera AND it's available, it'll return the camera object, otherwise it'll just return null. The "is it available?" portion is where it's getting hung up. The Flash player can share the camera within multiple windows IF it's the same application. When you're already using it with another application, it won't be available for new apps. It probably worked with IE in the IE/FF combo because you launched IE first (and took possession of the cam). As for how to figure if the cam is already in use, I don't know of any current methods. –  greatdecay Jan 4 '11 at 20:52

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