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I am trying to do a getString on a ResultSet from a OCCI Oracle query but I always get the _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse) assertion. My project is Multi-Threaded Debug and I have tried to set it to Single-Thread Debug, as I found suggested online, but that makes no difference.

I'm a bit at a loss what is causing this assertion to occur. Can someone help?

It seems I only have it with the getString() function, not with any other.

    oracle::occi::Environment* environment;
    oracle::occi::Connection* con;
    oracle::occi::Statement* stmt;
    oracle::occi::ResultSet* res;

         environment = oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT);
         con = environment->createConnection("db", "pssw", "DATABASE");     

        std::cout << "created connection" << std::endl;

        std::stringstream query;

        query << "FROM DB.MEDICAL_OBS_DEF ";
        query << "WHERE MOD_KEY = 735";

         stmt = con->createStatement(query.str());
         res = stmt->executeQuery();


         std::cout << "executed query" << std::endl;
         std::string mystring;
         while (res->next())

             /*mystring = */res->getString(3);  ///_BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse) Assert!
         std::cout << "printed resultset" << std::endl;


     }catch(oracle::occi::SQLException &e){
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Have you linked to the debug versions of Oracle DLLs (oraocci11d.lib and oraocci11d.dll)?

It seems that your program uses the memory debugging option of Visual Studio while the Oracle DLLs you're using don't. So the error occurs because the run-time library thinks there's a memory allocation/deallocation problem.

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What compiler are you using?

Make sure to download properly occi version

You must use DLL runtime:

  • DLL multithread Debug (/MDd) for debug with oraocci11d.lib and oraocci11d.dll
  • DLL multithread (/MD) for release with oraocci11.lib and oraocci11.dll
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if you DB using UTF8 character set try using following Environment *environment = Environment::createEnvironment("AL32UTF8","UTF8");

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