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I'd like to specify a Servlet URL pattern to match a URL that ends with a slash ("/") and only a slash.

I understand that the pattern


will match a URL of


and that this appears to work. However, that same pattern would also match URLs of


I'm merely looking for a URL pattern that will match http://example.com/example/path/ only without also matching http://example.com/example/path/a/ and so on.

Clarification: a URL pattern ending with a slash is not allowed.

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It's quite possible that you can't do this by mapping in web.xml.

What you can do is to map servlet to /mypath/* and then check part after /mypath/ via request.getPathInto(). If it is "/", run your code. If it isn't, return 404 error.

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Have you tried without the trailing star ? Eg /example/

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Yes, I've already tried this. NetBeans tells me a URL pattern ending with a slash is not allowed. –  Jon Cram Jan 19 '09 at 21:55
+1: Obvious answer. Seems unjust to have a -1. –  sixtyfootersdude Apr 26 '10 at 15:37

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