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Is there a way to list all the yanked text in Emacs? You can do it on Textmate with SPLAT+V.

Edit: I meant recently killed items, items that can be yanked.

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Your phrasing is a little confusing. Do you want to view the kill ring (in which case Frédéric's answer will sort you out), or do you wish to only list text which has actually been yanked from the kill ring? (which would be a somewhat odd requirement to my mind, but it better fits your question). –  phils Jan 4 '11 at 11:59
@phils: Textmate lets you select the item to paste from your recently yanked items. I can use C-u <item no> C-x C-y to yank an item at index 2, but i want to see a list of items in the list. Hope that clarifies. –  Suresh Jan 4 '11 at 12:24
Not really, sorry. Is "the list" the kill ring (which contains copied and killed text, any item of which you can yank but which may not have been yanked previously), OR is "the list" only the items which have been yanked previously. "Recently yanked items" is not the same thing as "recently killed items", and it's still unclear to me which of these you mean. Note that C-y yanks from the kill ring. –  phils Jan 4 '11 at 14:00
Sorry, i meant recently killed items. –  Suresh Jan 4 '11 at 14:38

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To my knowledge, emacs doesn't support that feature out of the box.

If you're using a Debian or Ubuntu Linux distribution, you can install the emacs-goodies-el package, which contains a browse-kill-ring feature (bound to M-y by default).

Alternatively, you can use the browse-kill-ring ELisp package available here.

See also here for a nice article about this problem and other alternate solutions.

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This EmacsWiki page is the best place for info about browse-kill-ring.el and related code. –  Drew Sep 21 at 2:12

The list of kills (i.e., the list of things you can yank) is called kill ring and stored in the variable kill-ring, so you can view it (in a not very nice way) with C-h v kill-ring RET.

The kill ring also appears in the menu, under “Edit / Paste from kill menu”. If you use a text mode Emacs or have turned the menu bar off, you can access the menu with M-x tmm-menubar (bound to M-`): type M-` e p followed by the first letter of the item you want to paste (if it's a letter and it's unique, otherwise whatever character is indicated). If you don't want to paste anything, type M-` e p C-g; the kills remain in the *Completions* buffer. The kill texts are displayed truncated to yank-menu-length characters.

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In Icicles you can see all of your kill-ring, and yank any entries in it using completion. By default, C-y is bound in Icicle mode to icicle-yank-maybe-completing.

That's the same as yank, unless you give it a negative prefix arg (e.g., C--). In that case, it lets you complete against the kill-ring. Completion can be prefix, apropos (substring, regexp), or fuzzy.


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