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Here's my query

SELECT s1.* FROM tbl s1 
SELECT ID, MIN(Overall_Rank) AS rank, MAX(Service_Duration) AS duration FROM tbl 
AS s2 ON s1.ID = s2.ID AND s1.Overall_Rank= s2.rank AND s1.Service_Duration=s2.duration

What i would like to do is get the Rows that has Min.value of Overall_Rank and in that has Max.value of Service_Duration. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with above query??

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Don't really get what you want.

How about this?

SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE Overall_Rank = (SELECT MIN(Overall_Rank) FROM tbl) AND Service_Duration = (SELECT MAX(Service_Duration) FROM tbl)

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To speed up this query add indexes to the two columns –  YvesR Jan 4 '11 at 11:10

How about this?

SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE Service_Duration = (
SELECT MAX(Service_Duration) FROM tbl WHERE Overall_Rank = (SELECT MIN(Overall_Rank) FROM tbl))

Assuming that I have understood you correctly, you are interested in returning the rows with the lowest Overall_Rank which have got maximum value in Service_Duration column.

EDIT: To speed it up you can try to create indexes on Service_Duration and Overall_Rank, as someone suggested.

I don't know what kind of code executes this SQL query (Java, PHP?), but perhaps it would be easier to do it in two separate queries? I am not an expert in MySQL area, but I suppose that doing subquery in subquery is not optimal here.

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Yes, you have understood it correctly. But the query you suggest takes much time to execute. Is there any other way? –  Naresh Jan 4 '11 at 11:55
My table got over 5k rows –  Naresh Jan 4 '11 at 11:56

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