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i want show tooltip with image tag and i have written code like below but i am not able to get tooltip while mouseover...


<%= link_to_remote image_tag('../images/save_active.gif',:method => "post",:tooltip=>"Save", :border => 0), :url => {:controller => "ptcgeodatabase" } %>
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Unless you're using a javascript library to generate tooltips specially, you need to use the title attribute on your a element (I've split this onto multiple lines for readability):

  <%= link_to_remote image_tag('../images/save_active.gif', 
                           :method => "post", 
                           :border => 0),
                 :url => { :controller => "ptcgeodatabase" },
                 :html => { :title => "Save" } %>
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You can try this, if you are not using javascript tooltip

<%= link_to image_tag('something.png'), '#', :title => "Save" %>
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