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I would like to be able to call clojure functions using keyword arguments like this:

(do-something :arg1 1 :arg2 "Hello")

: Is this possible without having to do:

(do-something {:arg1 1 :arg2 "Hello"})

: and could I also use :pre pre-conditions to provide somse sort of validation to make sure all arguments are included?

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possible duplicate of Clojure - named arguments – Rayne Jan 4 '11 at 17:55
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If you want default values for the keyword args do the following (Clojure 1.2):

(defn foo
  [req1 req2 & {:keys [opt1 opt2] :or {opt1 :hello opt2 :goodbye}}]
  [req1 req2 opt1 opt2])
user=> (foo :a :b)
[:a :b :hello :goodbye]
user=> (foo :a :b :opt1 "xyz")
[:a :b "xyz" :goodbye]
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Is :or part of the syntax or a second way of doing it? – Zubair Jan 4 '11 at 13:56
@Zubair: :or is optional. If it is not provided, the arguments get the value null if they are missing: (defn foo [req1 req2 & {:keys [opt1 opt2]}] [req1 req2 opt1 opt2]) (foo :a :b) => [:a :b nil nil] – Ralph Jan 4 '11 at 15:04

Keyword args are provided by the built-in destructuring of rest args (though the main docs for destructuring unfortunately doesn't cover this addition in 1.2):

(defn foo
  [a b & {:keys [c d]}]
  [a b c d])
(foo 1 2 :c 12 :d [1])
[1 2 12 [1]]

All of the usual map destructuring facilities are available (e.g. :or, :strs, :syms, etc).

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