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How to connect on a Mac: Qt Creator and CUDA?

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I'm a little uncertain of your question:

1. Implement portions of Qt Creator backend in CUDA?

Personally, I don't think that Qt Creator would be greatly improved (with the added complexity of optional installation requirements) by using CUDA in it's backend. However, to answer your question, I would suggest that you think about writing plugins for very specific computationally intensive operations in the creator -- much like some of the plugins have been developed for Gimp <- That's just an example, there are several more via Google search. I don't forsee any unusual OSX specific issue which you would encounter -- but feel free to post further questions if you hit such things.

2. Qt Graphical Interface + CUDA for Computation?

If you want to create a Qt GUI which also performs some computationally intensive operations, then I would suggest that you think modularly. Again, I would suggest offloading the computationally intensive operation to a library which can then be 'farmed out' to CUDA. Separating your GUI & computation (especially in threads) can make everything much more responsive. And once you have your computation in a logically separate program/dll/library, then it is no different from any other CUDA implementation on a Mac. I would recommend going to the CUDA tutorials website & watching the videos to get you started.

Lastly: Read this blog

I would strongly suggest reading through this simple page which deals directly with CUDA + Qt + Xcode.

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