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When ReferenceProperty is accessed it loads an entity from datastore, but sometimes I'd like only to use a referenced model key only and I don't want to pay the additional cost of referenced model loadup.

Is there a way to access just the key on a ReferenceProperty?

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Thx, I could not find that… probably cause that q/a is convoluted and focused on how ReferenceProperty does auto loading when accessed. I guess my q/a is simpler and focuses on how to just obtain the key value from ReferenceProperty—ergo easier to find –  Janusz Skonieczny Jan 5 '11 at 22:49

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class Foo(db.Model):
    bar = db.ReferenceProperty()


foo = Foo.get_by_id(1) # or however you get it

you can retrieve the key foo's bar ReferenceProperty like so:

key = Foo.bar.get_value_for_datastore(foo)
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+1 nice -- hadn't come across that one. –  bgporter Jan 4 '11 at 16:43
Exactly what I was looking for. I forgot that the underlying values are stored in the _ prefixed attributes, so I guess the unsupported way would be to use foo._bar—need to check that. –  Janusz Skonieczny Jan 5 '11 at 22:53

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