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I am working on a program for touchscreens. I am using c# and Visual studio 2008. Is there any way to change the width of the scrollbars? I know that i can change in Display Properties of Windows. But i only want in my programm not in the complete system. Thanks for ya help!

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Check this out:

Winforms - Adjust width of vertical scrollbar on CheckedListBox

Worth mentioning too:

.NET Compact framework - make scrollbars wider

More of the same, but this time with a better solution through the use of the scrollbar control:

Change the width of a scrollbar

Another one in which the guy teaches how to create your own scrollbar control (interesting):

Set the Scrollbar width of a DataGridView

The last one (worth trying):

Is there a way to get the scrollbar height and width for a ListView control

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I really thank you! – Hanfrey Jan 4 '11 at 13:39

The easiest way would be to search for scrollbar instances in the form/control's controlcollection and then simply update the width value.

foreach(Control ctrl in dataGridProducts.Controls)
    if (ctrl.GetType() == typeof(VScrollBar))
        ctrl.Width = 100;

This works on Windows CE with dot net compact framework

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