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Getting Started with Windows Phone 7

i have experience in programming in the windows environment (dotnet) but i don't know anything about devloping mobile app,and i will be very happy if some of you can sugeggest me a good book or a good tutorial to start fast,that explain which tools i need to get where can i download them and how to start devloping.

thank you very much for helping

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If you mean Windows Mobile 5/6.x I'd recommend Microsoft Mobile Development Handbook (Amazon link)

If you mean Windows Phone 7 I'd recommend the FREE ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 by Charles Petzold

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I found the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start videos just brilliant. If only all new complex subjects could be covered so comprehensively!

There are 19 sessions very well delivered taking you through the full process of developing on the Windows Phone 7 platform. They cover starting, silverlight dev, xna dev, application lifecycle, launchers and choosers, location and mapping and finalling publishing. It includes all the source code too. I still go back to bits of it just to make sure!

I would recommend downloading the high quality WMV files though, as you can't read the code if you just stream it. The complete list of sessions is at the bottom of the page too, as well as links to the other resources.

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Which platform are you targeting? Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile?

If you are targeting Windows Phone 7, the newer of the two, there aren't a lot of books out on it yet. However, since it is nearly the same as Silverlight with a few key differences, picking up some materials for Silverlight will go a long way.

The Getting Started section of Silverlight is a good place to start, as well as the Development Hub. "Silverlight In Action" by Pete Brown is a good book on Silverlight as well.

If you are talking about the Compact Framework, Microsoft seems to be shifting most of their focus to windows phone 7. A good book to get started there is Paul Yao's ".NET Compact Framework Programming with C#". You will find this very akin to Windows Forms development, just with a much more restricted feature set.

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