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Hi I want to create a table view with sub cells. What I mean by "sub cells" is, when I click a arrow pointer in a cell, it should show its sub cells with cell indentation.

  1. Is this kind of cells available in iPhone?
  2. If not, Is this possible to do it in some other way?
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This isn't a standard capability of UITableView, but actually isn't that hard to implement. What you need to do is:

  • Create a custom UITableViewCell (perhaps called 'OutlineTableViewCell'). It should have a disclosure indicator
  • Create a class which implements the UITableViewDataSource protocol to manage the tree structure of the rows. It should manage the indent level and disclosure state.
  • Implement methods to expand/collapse sections of the tree (triggered by tapping the disclosure indicator)
  • Finally, subclass both of these to add the storage and display of your own data in the view
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You're welcome. If you implement it and are so inclined, it would be an awesome open source project.. – Denis Hennessy Jan 6 '11 at 21:44

Not sure if that'll work in your case, but in one of my apps, I used the following work around to create a two-level table view with normal (level 1) items toggling (level 2) "sub"-cells:

  • I have a standard table view, and use its sections as level 1 items.
  • For each section, I use a custom view with a UIButton to act as the toggle.
  • I keep track of which sections are toggled on / off through an array, and simply return 0 elements for the section when it's off.
  • Sub-cells are just regular cells.
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