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I'm getting "None" for spelling suggestions.

First, I have this set in my file:


I have rebuilt the index:

python rebuild_index

and updated it for good measure

python update_index

The search works correctly. When I search for "Charger", it returns the results that match. So in my, I then tried:

from haystack.query import SearchQuerySet
def testpage(request):

    test_results = SearchQuerySet().auto_query('Chargr')
    spelling_suggestion = test_results.spelling_suggestion()

    return render_to_response('testpage.html', {
        'test': test_results,   
        'spelling_suggestion': spelling_suggestion

However, my template:


        {{ test }}<p>
        {{ spelling_suggestion }}


Still returns nothing:



Obviously, I expected nothing for {{ test }}, but shouldn't I get something for {{ spelling_suggestion }}? What am I missing?

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I did finally figure this out (with some help from the Haystack message group)

There is some detail here on configuration changes that must be made. In addition, I had to add lines to haystack's file (under def extra_context):

spelling = self.results.spelling_suggestion(self.query)
return {'suggestion': spelling, . . .

Then I added {{ suggest }} to my output template

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