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I'm still new to the API and I wanted to ask:

  • Can you send a text message programmatically?
  • Can you access the users contact list programmatically?

I'm thinking no. I haven't seen anything about text messaging in the API, and I figure the sandboxing that the iPhone does keeps you away from the phones contact list.

Thanks everyone.

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You'd think that if it was possible SOMEONE would have written an app to combine contact list entries by now. At this point that's the biggest complaint about my phone. I don't even have a 3G, but this bothers me more than anything a 3G "fixes" (including memory!) – Bill K Jan 19 '09 at 22:44

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1) I'm afraid you can't send SMS with the iPhone SDK although you can make a link to send an SMS like so:

a href="sms:408-555-5555">408 555 5555</a> 

2) You can access the contact list with the Address Book UI framework

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You can also programmatically open the Text (SMS) by passing a sms:// URL to UIApplication's openURL method. – David Grant Jan 19 '09 at 22:55

You can go through this link. It's really helpful. :)

Also have a look on this. This is how you can send sms through your application.

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one way round the sms/mms problem is to use an external aggregator then you can utilise http between a server and the iphone to send sms obviously there is a cost involved this way to the developer

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Yes You can build an app to send SMS. All u need a server API, which u gonna call through ur code, to send sms. I am saying this bcoz i am currently working on it.

As soon as i m done with my app,i am gonna share it.

u hv to pass values through URL.

will go in deep very soon.

regards shishir

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