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Is there a way in Visual Studio 2010 to change the default target framework that projects point to when they are created? I want to target the 4.0. framework by default and NOT the Client Profile version of the 4.0 framework.

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Visual Studio 2010 (and older versions) will remember the last target framework you chose when using File -> New -> New Project. So if you create a new project using 4.0, the next time you create a new project 4.0 will be preselected as the target framework.

EDIT : Further to comment below:

Having looked at this a little more there is another solution that is slightly less faffy than the info on the link I posted in the comments below.

Create a new solution/project with the setup you need, then goto File -> Export Template. After you have done there you can then use your new template when you go File -> New -> New Project.

Seems to work, not thoroughly tested it though.

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The problem is that it keeps choosing the "4.0 Client Framework" instead of the full-fledged 4.0 framework. Even when I select .NET Framework 4.0 when creating a new project. –  Achilles Jan 4 '11 at 15:32
That is odd, just tried it here and got the same issue - I created a new console application project as .NET 4 but on checking the properties for the project it was .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. A little googling found this solution, but it is a faff: blog.rolpdog.com/2010/04/… –  MrEyes Jan 4 '11 at 15:41
Just updated the my original answer with a better solution –  MrEyes Jan 4 '11 at 15:47
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There is a way to change it by hacking the template:


Which is probably close to the same as MrEyes answer.

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Here is how you do it with VS2008. It appears to be a similar (the same?) process for VS2010. (I just did it in my own VS2010 development environment.)

  • Right click on the name of the project.
  • Click the Application tab.
  • In the 'Target Framework' list, select the framework that you wish to use. It will differ depending on which .NET frameworks you have available on your system.
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That's the problem, I don't want to have to manually change this each time I create a new project. –  Achilles Jan 4 '11 at 15:33
@Achilles - Ah. Well...based on this question (which seems to be the same as your own), it's not really possible. stackoverflow.com/questions/3927909/… –  JasCav Jan 4 '11 at 15:35
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