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I'm seeing a lot of tutorials out there for rails 2.3.* and devise, such as:


But I can't replicate what they are doing.

Specifically, if I try to use any devise specific generated, such as:

ruby script/generate devise_install


ruby script/generate devise MODEL_NAME

I get something like:

"Couldn't find 'devise_install' generator"

I looked through stack overflow, and some forums online, and the few people who had the same problem as me seem like they ONLY had it for devise_install (i.e. could do all the other generators just fine).

Some of the fixes were manually copying 'devise.rb' to the correct folder (like the devise_install generator code is supposed to), but I don't have a file with that name anywhere on my computer, even in my gems files.

Right now I'm restricted to a windows machine: Is this likely the problem (I know some gems are unix systems only, like some of the mysql gems)?

If it's unlikely to be my OS, what can I do?

rails -v 2.3.8

ruby -v 1.8.6

gems -v 1.3.7

devise -v 1.1.5, 1.0.3 (tried both)

warden -v 1.0.3, 0.9.7, 0.9.5 (tried all three)

os windows 7

EDIT: Okay, I'm trying it on my vista box, and it's working (or seems to be) there. It has ruby 1.9.2 instead of 1.8.6 which I see (in retrospect) is important in the tutorial (need greater than 1.8.7)

This would be great, but I can now devise_install, but I can't run

ruby script/generate devise User

I get:

C:\Users\eschjen\Desktop\testing_devise>ruby script/generate devise User
dencies.rb:585:in `to_constant_name': Anonymous modules have no name to be refer
enced by (ArgumentError)

Which is frustrating...is it possible I have TOO high a version of ruby?

Edit: Maybe so, the same thing happens when I try to run the 2.3. rails app as a sanity check (apparently ruby 1.9.2. and rails 2.3.x don't play nice together)

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With Rails 2.3.x, you can only use devise 1.0.x (not 1.1.x or greater). The latest error you get, which version of devise is it from? –  Zabba Jan 4 '11 at 16:17
Unless you have some existing code base in 2.3.x, I highly recommended using Rails 3. –  Zabba Jan 4 '11 at 17:02
Same version of devise on both machines. I did TRY a 1.1. Devise, but I mostly used 1.0.3 (which I listed as a version I tried), and I'm still getting problems. And yeah, I have existing code base in 2.3.x, so my priority right now is to get this functionality done, and THEN worry about upgrades. –  Jenny Jan 4 '11 at 18:12

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