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THIS_MAKE := $(word $(words $(MAKEFILE_LIST)), $(MAKEFILE_LIST))

FILE_LIST=tmp/file tmp/dir/file

 rm -rf tmp
 $(MAKER) copy_files

copy_files: $(FILE_LIST)

tmp/file: | tmp
 echo hello>$@

tmp/dir/file: | tmp/dir
 echo world>$@

define dst_dir_rule
 -mkdir -p $$@

$(foreach dir,$(dir $(FILE_LIST)), $(eval $(call dst_dir_rule,$(dir))))

#end of makefile

The makefile above should create the files in the FILE_LIST variable.
The problem is with the part that tries to automatically generate rules for the directories.
When I run it I get a "missing separator." error.
When I delete the space between the comma and the $(eval) it works.

I would really like to understand why.


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After replacing the space in front of the make recipe lines with tab (which anomaly I assume comes from copy & paste) including in front of -mkdir -p $$@ in the dst_dir_rule function, I did not have any problem running this make file. I am using GNU make version 3.81 (as shipped with Ubuntu 12.04). – FooF Oct 16 '12 at 9:08

This is because you need to use tab symbol as command separator in your macro. As you don't have one it yields "missing separator" error.

Fix (using ; command separator on the same line):

define dst_dir_rule
$(1): ; -mkdir -p $$@ # as a one liner

You can also simplify:

THIS_MAKE := $(word $(words $(MAKEFILE_LIST)), $(MAKEFILE_LIST))


THIS_MAKE := $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))
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Thanks for the one liner rule tip. I don't think that this is the problem though since it works without the space. I use ancient "make" at work that doesn't support lastword. I tried to reproduce it at home with a newer make and it worked with and without the space so perhaps it is some old make bug that was fixed since. – Gur Jan 4 '11 at 19:58
Nope, it did not work with make 3.81 until I made the change. – Maxim Egorushkin Jan 5 '11 at 18:20

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