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we are developing a website cms in C# and want to integrate / develop a small and simple color scheme generator as like as colorschemedesigner.com (of course simplier) to automatically suggest harmonizing template colors (for body background, text, heading etc.).

There are 6 methods for color creation on that website. We would like to reprogram the logic of the "accented analogic" algorithm.

Does anyone know how to easily realize this, or where we could find more information about this topic. How to programatically find a set of harmonizing colors for a given base?

Or are there already some third-party controls out there that could do the job? E.g. an advanced advanced advanced color picker or some thing.


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colorschemedesigner.com/#0L62Aw0w0w0w0 would be a direct example of what to achieve. –  Uwe Keim Jan 4 '11 at 16:20

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Adobe's Kuler is pretty good at this. If you want to look at the theory that governs how Kuler creates colour schemes you can look at examples like this on colour theory.

analogous colour scheme creation

You could begin by creating a colourwheel then using the scheme definitions in this link -- or others -- to work out which colours to choose based on their position on the wheel (e.g. the analogous scheme above).

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And it's also an area prone to heated disagreement in detail :) –  Tim Barrass Jan 4 '11 at 16:46

I found this useful in the past. Random Pastel Colour Generator

Code in c# can be found on the page above.

alt text

alt text

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Cool link. While the code itself produces rather random colors, it points to devwebpro.com/25-popular-color-scheme-and-palette-generators with great resources and further links. –  Uwe Keim Jan 4 '11 at 16:27

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