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I have 2 databases, one is MS Access DB from an old website, and the other one is MYSQL from the new Joomla+VirtueMart based website. I need to migrate existing products from MS Access to MYSQL.

I thought of putting both on server and writing SQL queries in MYSQL workbench, untill I have a good script for that, but I'm very new to SQL, so I'd rather avoid that.

I there a better way and more efficient for that?

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You can always export to CSV and import that in MySQL.

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+1, beat me to it. –  Ben L. Jan 4 '11 at 15:55

you can use tools like Database Workbench

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MySQL provides a free graphical tool called "MySQL Migration toolkit" which automates the migration of Access 2003 MDB files (schema + data) into MySQL. More info at the following link:


(you need to register with Oracle to download the PDF guide).

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