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I am interested in using the monotone spline, but I get an error when R tries to use it. I am using R 2.12.0, and the method 'monoH.FC' says that it has been supported since 2.8.0

Reproducible example (same result for more complicated (x,y) relationships)

    Error in spline(x, y, method = "monoH.FC") : invalid interpolation method

What I have tried

?spline returns:

        spline(x, y = NULL, n = 3*length(x), method = "fmm",
        xmin = min(x), xmax = max(x), xout, ties = mean)
  method: specifies the type of spline to be used.  Possible values are
      ‘"fmm"’, ‘"natural"’, ‘"periodic"’ and ‘"monoH.FC"’.

But the spline function itself indicates that the 'monoH.FC' method is not supported:

method <- pmatch(method, c("periodic", "natural", "fmm"))
if (is.na(method)) 
    stop("invalid interpolation method")


How can I use method = 'monoH.FC' with spline?

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Use splinefun; it supports method=monoH.FC.

The last example in ?spline shows you how to do it.

## An example of  monotone  interpolation
n <- 20
x. <- sort(runif(n)) ; y. <- cumsum(abs(rnorm(n)))
curve(splinefun(x.,y.)(x),                add=TRUE, col=2, n=1001)
curve(splinefun(x.,y., method="mono")(x), add=TRUE, col=3, n=1001)
legend("topleft", paste("splinefun( \"", c("fmm", "monoH.CS"), "\" )", sep=''),
         col=2:3, lty=1)
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is the following correct? to get x,y pairs analagous to the results of spline(x,y), I should use f <- splinefun(x,y,method= 'monoH.FC'); list(x=x, y=f(x)) –  David LeBauer Jan 4 '11 at 18:58

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