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i have this script that is meant to move a file from one folder to another but i get an error,:

    $photo= $_POST['camera']; // i.e. 45647.jpg

   //move file to userpics/ folder

    rename ("../uploads/$photo", "../userpics/$photo");

but i get this error:

Warning: rename(/uploads/1czcec43s.jpg\n,/userpics/1czcec43s.jpg\n) [function.rename]: No error in .. on line 24
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Is the file moved even though a notice is raised? –  Jan Hančič Jan 4 '11 at 17:47
Side note: You have a line break in your file names (in $photo). It is probably better to remove them... –  Felix Kling Jan 4 '11 at 17:49

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Your filenames are containing linebreaks \n. This may well be the source of the error. Try calling trim:

$photo = trim($_POST['camera']); // i.e. 45647.jpg
rename ("../uploads/$photo", "../userpics/$photo");

Also, for goodness sake add some sanity checking to your code. Your user could easily put web/index.php (for instance) as the contents of $_POST['camera'] and overwrite your PHP file.

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thanks its works :)) can i still escape the $photo, before i insert it into the database!! –  Jhon Woodwrick Jan 4 '11 at 17:58
Escaping it won't help. You should write a regular expression to define what you accept as a filename. Something like /^\w\.jpg$/i should be sufficient -- alphanumeric characters, no spaces, with underscores, followed by .jpg, case-insensitive. –  lonesomeday Jan 4 '11 at 18:01

There are an \n (linefeed) at the end of the used POST parameter. Have you tried remove it?

Notice: the presented code is highly vulnerable.

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