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hey guys, i'm loading a div from a subsite with ajax. this subsite has a link in it like this:

<a href="#someIDonHomepage">anchorlink</a>

My homepage where the ajax request is fired has this #someIDonHomepage div and i want my page to jump to that position.

However since i'm loading the anchor with ajax this doesn't work.

any idea how i could solve that?

I wrote this animated scroll script with jquery that animates the jump when clicking on anchors.

/*Animated scroll for anchorlinks*/
    var anchor = '',
        pageOffset = '',
        viewOffset = 30,
        scrollPos = '';
    $(function() {
        $("a[href*='#']").each(function() {
            $(this).bind('click', function(e) {
                anchor = $(this).attr('href').split('#')[1];
                pageOffset = $("a[name='#"+anchor+"']").offset();
                scrollPos = pageOffset.top - viewOffset;
                $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:scrollPos}, '500');

Any idea how i could solve that? thank you

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"However since i'm loading the anchor with ajax this doesn't work." How are you loading your anchor with ajax? – andres descalzo Jan 4 '11 at 18:27
I'm simply loading a div with some text and the anchor-link with the jquery load() method. – matt Jan 4 '11 at 21:19
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jQuery Ajaxy has built in support for using ajax with hashes, as well as backwards support for traditional anchors - click the durian tab in the demo.


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You can use the LearningJquery approach or even using their plugin directly.
Example of their approach.

$(document).ready(function() {
  var viewOffset = 30;
  function filterPath(string) {
  return string
  var locationPath = filterPath(location.pathname);
  var scrollElem = scrollableElement('html', 'body');
  $('a[href*=#]').each(function() {
 var thisPath = filterPath(this.pathname) || locationPath;
 if (  locationPath == thisPath
 && (location.hostname == this.hostname || !this.hostname)
 && this.hash.replace(/#/,'') ) {
   var $target = $(this.hash), target = this.hash;
   if (target) {
  var targetOffset = $target.offset().top - viewOffset;
  $(this).click(function(event) {
    $(scrollElem).animate({scrollTop: targetOffset}, 400, function() {
   location.hash = target;
  // use the first element that is "scrollable"
  function scrollableElement(els) {
 for (var i = 0, argLength = arguments.length; i <argLength; i++) {
   var el = arguments[i],
    $scrollElement = $(el);
   if ($scrollElement.scrollTop()> 0) {
  return el;
   } else {
  var isScrollable = $scrollElement.scrollTop()> 0;
  if (isScrollable) {
    return el;
 return [];
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