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One of the biggest challenges creating a useful and successful application is finding out exactly what users want. There are a number of small and large directions one can take with their design and you truly don't know which is best until you see how users respond.

Are there any policies against releasing a prototype-like app to test some of these assumptions and product directions? Do you know of anyone else that has tried this approach?

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I'd say there are plenty of apps out there that I would barely consider beta quality and Apple hasn't stopped them! – theChrisKent Jan 4 '11 at 17:57
It depends on what that "beta" or "proof of concept" is (and how it may affect Apple's bottom line). – Eugene Jan 4 '11 at 18:08

All apps in the App Stores must be of reasonably high quality in Apple's judgment and meet some threshold for utility. So depending on what you mean by "beta" or "proof of concept" — if you mean it in the sense of an app that tightly focuses on some core functionality, then it's probably fine (even held up as ideal for the iPhone). If you mean an app that's likely to contain a number of bugs or which is not very usable for its intended purpose, then probably no.

Of course, you can release anything you want through ad-hoc distribution.

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